Fundusz Składkowy KRUS – stan i perspektywy

  • Urszula Podstawka
  • Marian Podstawka Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych, Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie


The Contribution Fund of the Farmers Social Insurance (part of The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund – KRUS) is created form contributions into accident, health and maternity insurance and other sources specified in the statutes assuring full coverage of the contribution fund expenditure. For this type of insurance are not involved funds from the state budget. In recent years the fund has a quota of about 0.5 billion zł, equating income to expenditure. However, projections indicate that in the coming years, the Fund will not be able to meet its revenue expenditure. There are some opportunities to improve its financial situation. This would require the conversion of the Fund's insurance company. It seems that the path of restructuring in this case is straightforward because the Contribution Fund shall have legal personality, the Supervisory Board and Executive Board. If the Contribution Fund has become an insurance company, then it could result in crop insurance, buildings and livestock with subsidies from the state budget. This fund as an insurance company could realize the catastrophic insurance and insurance of forests or other agricultural assets, which currently does not insure commercial insurance companies.


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Podstawka, U., & Podstawka, M. (2012). Fundusz Składkowy KRUS – stan i perspektywy. Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW, Polityki Europejskie, Finanse I Marketing, (7(56), 73-80. Pobrano z